What is a Smart City?

What is a Smart City?


As technology advances, so does society. A smart city is the personification of a technologically advanced community. These cities utilize information technologies and communication technologies in order to improve the quality of life in urban locations by enhancing the various services that residences use, such as transportation, energy, and utilities. Not only do these technologies make life more comfortable for those who reside within smart cities, but they also help to reduce the consumption of various resources, thereby reducing waste and expenses. In a nutshell, smart cities are more efficient, transparent, and sustainable than traditional cities; in short, they are more advanced and more intelligent.


The components of a smart city vary and depend on the basic needs of each individual location, as well as the willingness of the location to adapt and accept various technologies; however, in general, these cities rely on smart technologies, the Internet of Things, and the application of geographical information systems, software. These components allow high volumes of data to be collected and utilized.


Smart cities rely on advanced infrastructure in order to operate the highly technological information that is used to operate them. This includes various types of sensors and databases. The infrastructure used in a smart city allows it to be a resilient and self-sustaining.

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