Who We Are

Swedish Telecom OPTO is a global fiber optics provider and solutions developer. It is a spin-off of Swedish Telecom, active on the market since 2004. Our main purpose is to help you build a stable and strong optical network by offering the best support, service, prices and quality.
  • What is different?
    The possibility to keep prices competitive and quality high comes from our time-tested business strategy of long-standing collaboration with leading manufacturers. You as our customer are not overpaying for the brand name and excess check-ups. We execute all quality check routines in the factory to deliver the best products worldwide. We are Europe-based and have offices in Asia, North and South America to meet the specifics of local infrastructures and regional businesses.
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    It works everywhere
    Over the years we have been installing optical networks all over the world, Data Centers, MAN, FTTx, in Brazilian jungles, unincorporated in the Middle East, customized products for submarines and oil platforms, developed products for extreme cold and heat. We have designed and delivered IP TV Setup boxes to some of the largest operators in Northern Europe. Our customers during the years include high-rank organizations as military bases, betting companies, state-governed organisations. Years of projects done with both success and loss stands behind our story, and this is how we built what we are today. Our equipment is all-compatible and we follow the ISO, ROHS, CE and FCC standards.
  • Customer CARE
    Customer Care
    Words are words, but we work with actions. Customers that buy our products rely on full technical support and lifetime warranty. Over the years we have been helping our customers to solve complex technical questions in hours, on site. Most of our first customers are coming back for upgrades and replacement of products for installations that we did more then 10-15 years ago. These are still used in the networks, long after the anticipated lifetime and technology advances. To help you with any order-related question, we are available 24/7 by online chat, phone and email. Each relationship is important.

What We Do

We deliver high-value products, solutions and services to help you build your communication system and infrastructure to achieve your

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    Data Center Network
    Provide data platform for networks across private, public and hybrid clouds.
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    Enterprise Network
    Support independent data processing, storage, transmission and management.
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    Optical Transmission Network
    Exchange and share data faster and better via fiber equipment.

Global Markets

More than 1,000 + orders in over 30 countries

Adhering to an ideal of redefining service and products supply channels of fiber optic communication industry, Swedish Telecom OPTO has been committed to solution design, product supply, and service support for global data center, cloud computing, metro network, access network and wireless network since 2009.

With multiple-warehouse system built and increasing inventory in key regions, We are committed to becoming the worldwide leading fiber optic communication company.

Swedish Telecom OPTO Support & Customer Service Team are 24-hour online to provide professional technical solutions or support on products or services problems. We are still dedicated to expanding and improving these to serve every single customer better.

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Swedish Telecom OPTO focuses on data center, enterprise and optical transmission network solution to help you build exactly what you need.
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