10/100/1000M Mini Fiber Optic Media Converter with 5~12V DC SM 1310nm 20km

SKU STC-FR-2203-S360
  • Data Rates:

    . 10/100/1000Mbps (IEEE802.3U IEEE802.3z 1000Base-Tx)

    . 1000Mbps (1000Base-FX) or 100Mbps (100Base-FX)

    Input Power Requirements:

    . Input voltage :DC 5-12V
    . Power Consume: 3 Watts maximum

    Environmental Conditions:

    . Operating temperature  : 0°C to 40°C
    . Cooling :  free air convection
    . Storage temperature :  -20°C to  +85°C
    . Operating Humidity : 90% max, non-condensing

    Mechanical Specifications

    . Case Material : Iron
    . Case Color : Black
    . Net Weight : 150g approx. / unit
    . Dimensions: 60 (W) x 20 (H) x 90 (L) (mm)
     Do not include transceiver length


    . 2 years hardware warranty


    Note: Specifications subject to change without notice


    Ordering information


    *XXXX: supports optic connector / fiber type and distance. For more details, please refer to the list below or contact us.      

    Fiber transmission distance

    TX wave length

    Fiber interface

    2: 2KM

    3: 1310nm

    S: Single-mod

    20: 20KM

    5: 1550nm

    M: Multi-mode

    40: 40KM

    8: 850nm

    B: Single-mode bi-directional

     SFP: SFP type (do not include SFP transceiver module

  •  The mini 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-FX (also can be forced to 100Base-FX) media converter is fully compliant with IEEE802.3U, IEEE802.3z 1000Base-TX/FX protocols. The converter can support auto MDI-MDIX function, flow control for full and half duplex operation, etc.

    A DIP switch is placed at the bottom of the case. Depend on different configurations, the user can set the different operating mode (Force FX to 100M, pass through mode and LLCF)

  • 10/100/1000M Mini Fiber Optic Media Converter with 5~12V DC SM 1310nm 20km

    10/100/1000M Dual Fiber SM 1310nm 20km,SC


    Key Features

    ●10/100/1000Base-TX UTP to 1000Base-FX fiber media convertion

    ●Support IEEE802.3U,IEEE802.3z, 1000Base-TX/FX standards

    ● Choice of SC, BiDi or other connectors for multimode and singlemode

    ● DIP switch to set different configurations

    ● LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) support

    ● Compact package size

Quality Certification

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty.

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