1U Management 2-channel XFP to XFP OEO Converter Card

  • ST8000 is an optical-electric-optical converter for transparent optical transport solution based on CWDM/DWDM technology. It regenerates optical signals to realize the amplification and wavelength conversion. It is a cost-effective high-quality management system when plugged in 1U/6U chassis to implement device configuration, control and maintenance easily.

    • 10GE
    • 10G SONET/SDH
    • 8/10Gbps Fiber Channel
    • Up to 2 data channels (with 4 XFP fiber modules)
    • Support wavelength tunable optical module
    • Support LFP(link fault pass through)
    • Support SNMP-based network management
    • Support CLI, web, telnet and NMS(network management system)
    • Graded management mode (common user, super user or administrator)
    • ST8000 1U/6U chassis compatibility

Quality Certification

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty.

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