200GHz DWDM Module (4,8,16 Channel)

  • Swedish Telecom Opto’ 200GHz dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM) utilizes thin film coating technology and proprietary design of non-flux metal bonding micro optics packaging to achieve optical add and drop at the ITU wavelengths. It provides ITU channel center wavelength, low insertion loss, high channel isolation, wide pass band, low temperature sensitivity and epoxy free optical path . It can be used for wavelength add/drop in telecommunication network system.

  • Features Applications
    Low Insertion Loss Channel Add/Drop
    Wide pass band DWDM Network
    High channel Wavlength Routing
    High stability and reliability CATV fiberoptic System
    Epoxy free on optical path Fiber optical amplifier
    Performance Specifications
    Parameter 4-Channel 8-Channel 16-Channel
    Mux Demux Mux Demux Mux Demux
    Channel Wavelength(nm) ITU 200GHz Grid
    Channel Spacing(nm) 200
    Channel Passband (@-0.5dB bandwidth)(nm) >0.5
    Insertion Loss(dB) ≤1.6 ≤3.5 ≤4.2
    Channel Uniformity(dB) ≤0.6 ≤1.0 ≤1.5
    Channel Ripple(dB) <0.3
    Isolation(dB) Adjacent N/A >30 N/A >30 N/A >30
    Non-adjacent N/A >40 N/A >40 N/A >40
    Insertion Loss Temperature Sensitivity(dB/℃) <0.005
    Wavelength Temperature Shifting (nm/℃) <0.002
    Polarization Dependent Loss(dB) <0.1 <0.1 <0.15
    Polarization Mode Dispersion(ps) <0.1
    Directivity(dB) ≥50
    Return Loss(dB) ≥45
    Maximum Power Handling(mW) 300
    Opterating Temperature(℃) -5~+75
    Storage Temperature(℃) -40~+85
    Package dimension(mm) A: L100×W80×H10

    1、Above specifications are for devices without connector.

    2、Specifications may change without notice.

Quality Certification

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty.

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