25G SFP28 CWDM 10km 1470-1570nm

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  • 25G CWDM SFP28 transceivers (1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571) are designed for use in Ethernet links up to 25.78 Gb/s data rate and up to 10 km link length. They are compliant SFF-8472, and compatible with SFF-8432 and applicable portions of SFF-8431. The product is RoHS compliant and lead-free per Directive 2011/96/EU.

    25G SFP28 10KM  LR

    • UP to 25.78Gb/s bi-directional data links
    • Hot-Pluggable SFP28 footprint
    • Duplex LC connector 
    • CWDM DFB laser transmitter
    • Up to 10km on 9/125m SMF  
    • 2-wire interface for management specifications compliant with SFF 8472 digital diagnostic monitoring interface for optical transceivers
    • Power Supply :+3.3V 
    • Operating case temperature Range: 0~ 70°C 
    • RoHS compliant 
    • 25GE LR 
    • Data center 
    • eCPRI&CPRI

    • CWDM 1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571 nm

Quality Certification

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty.

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