25G SFP28 CWDM 40km 1350nm

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  • 25G CWDM SFP28 transceivers (CH 1270, 1290, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1370) are designed for use in Ethernet links up to 25.78 Gb/s data rate and up to 30 km link length whitout FEC and 40km With FEC . They are compliant SFF-8472, and compatible with SFF-8432 and applicable portions of SFF-8431. The product is RoHS compliant and lead-free per Directive 2011/96/EU.

    25G SFP28 10KM  LR

    • UP to 25.78Gb/s bi-directional data links
    • Hot-Pluggable SFP28 footprint
    • Duplex LC connector 
    • DML laser transmitter
    • CWDM 1351nm
    • APD photo-detector
    • Up to 30km on SMF without FEC
    • Up to 40km on SMF with FEC
    • 2-wire interface for management specifications compliant with SFF 8472 digital diagnostic monitoring interface for optical transceivers
    • Power Supply :+3.3V 
    • Operating case temperature Range: 0~ 70°C 
    • RoHS compliant 
    • 25GE LR 
    • Data center 
    • High-Speed Storage area networks
    • eCPRI&CPRI 

    • FEC. Forward error correction is a digital signal processing method used to enhance data reliability in your switch or router. It does this by way of introducing redundant data, called error correcting code, prior to data transmission or storage. FEC provides the receiver with the ability to correct errors without a reverse channel to request the re-transmission of data. 

    • Cisco Compatible CWDM-SFP25G-1350-10
      Form Type SFP28 Max Data Rate 25Gbps
      Wavelength 1350nm Max Cable Distance 10km
      Interface LC duplex Optical Components DFB CWDM
      Cable Type SMF DOM Support Yes
      TX Power -7~3dBm Receiver Sensitivity <-11.3dBm
      Protocols MSA Compliant Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

Quality Certification

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty.

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