MTP Female to 2x MTP Female 24 Fibers OM4 50/125 Multimode Conversion Breakout Cable, LSZH Bunch


Detailed Specification

Fiber Connector: 1x MTP-24 to 2x MTP-12.
Fiber Mode: OM4 50/125μm
Fiber Count: 24 Fibers
Flame Rating: LSZH
Insertion Loss: ≤0.35dB
Durability: ≥500 Times
Connector Keyway: Up to Up.
Gender: Female to Female
Jacket OD: 3.0 mm
Test Wavelength: 850nm
Return Loss: ≥20dB
Operating Temperature : -40 ~ 80°C

Product Description

MTP conversion cable is designed to provide a more flexible multi-fiber cabling system based on MTP products. It can largely increase the capacity of the existing 12-fiber and 24-fiber MTP network. Unlike MTP Breakout cable, MTP conversion cables are terminated with MTP connectors on both ends, can provide more possibilities for the existing 24-fiber cabling system.

The 40G/100G MTP conversion cables eliminate the wasted fibers in current 40G transmissions and upcoming 100G transmission. Compared to purchase and install separate conversion cassettes, using MTP conversion cables is a more cost-effective and lower-loss option.


  • 24 Strand MTP(Female) to 2x12 Strand MTP(Female) Interconnect Conversion Breakout Cable.

Quality Certification

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty.

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