MTP Female to MTP Female 24 Fibers OM4 (OM3) 50/125 Multimode Trunk Cable, 100GBASE-SR10 CXP/CFP/CPAK, Type A (TIA-568), Elite, Plenum (OFNP)

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Detailed Specification

Connector A: MTP Female (pinless).
Glass Fiber: Corning ClearCurve®.
Wavelength: 850/1300nm
Polish Type: UPC to UPC
Insertion Loss: 0.35dB Max (0.15dB Typ.)
Attenuation at 850nm: ≤2.3dB/km.
Jacket OD: 3.0mm
Installation Tensile Load: 100 N
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C
Connector B: MTP Female (pinless).
Fiber Mode: OM4 (OM3) 50/125μm
Transmission Distance: 150m @40/100G, 400m @10G
Minimum Bend Radius: 7.5mm
Return Loss: ≥20dB
Attenuation at 1300nm: ≤0.6dB/km
Cable Jacket: Plenum (OFNP)
Long-Term Tensile Load: 50 N
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Product Description

MTP trunk cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles.
0.35dB IL, MTP Female to MTP Female connector and 3.0mm Plenum (OFNP) bunch cable is designed for 40G/100G direct connection and high-density data center applications.


  • MTP Female to MTP Female OM4 (OM3) Multimode Trunk Cable.
  • MTP® & MPO to fan-out and MTP® & MPO to MTP® & MPO versions are available
  • 12 & 24 core options
  • LC & SC fan-out options
  • SM and Multimode (OM4 & OM3)

Quality Certification

Please Note: Installing a third party transceiver does not void your network equipment warranty.

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